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Validated questionnaire measuring changes in quality of life.

This instrument will promote better integration of care by taking into account the perspective of patients and healthcare professionals. The instrument has undergone Bayesian validation.

Author: Pluye P.

Link: https://www.projetbarometre.com/retab/Login

McGill Empowerment Assessment–Diabetes (MEA-D)

The purpose of the MEA-D is to assess a person’s experience with diabetes. This assessment may be useful for informing strategies to improve diabetes care. 

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a prevalent chronic condition that poses a major burden for patients and the healthcare system. Evidence suggests that patient engagement in self-care improves DM control and reduces the risk of complications. According to Diabetes Canada, patient empowerment is an important factor in self-care and diabetes control. To provide effective interventions that help empower patients with diabetes, a comprehensive, valid and reliable measure of empowerment is needed. The present details the development of the McGill Empowerment Assessment – Diabetes (MEA-D), a questionnaire for measuring the empowerment of people living with diabetes, and its construct validation using a representative sample of Canadians living with DM.

Author: Pluye & El Sherif (McGill), Hersson-Edery (Santé Kildare), Justin Gagnon, Charo Rodriguez, Jennifer Reoch

Link: Instructions & Assessment

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