This website is organized as follows:

Methodological tools
Guidelines and tips on how to carry out various methodological aspects of research more quickly and efficiently

Technical tools
Web-based applications to facilitate faster access to up-to-date information for the evaluation and continuous improvement of services

Data analytics
Contemporary statistical approaches, machine learning, and multiplatform data visualization for better data analysis

Research Literacy
Resources to help people understand basic research concepts and establish a common language among patients, managers, clinicians and researchers involved in a collaborative research project

Trainings Sessions
List of training opportunities to help managers, clinicians, patients and researchers collaborate in POR

Other resources
Any other resources that might be useful for research

Our initiatives

Methodological developments

Our methodological developments include initiatives on :

  • Information monitoring of trends
  • Adaptation and validation of methods in POR
  • The creation of new methods and tools

The Data Valorization Axis mobilizes and collaborates with methodological experts from the Quebec, Canadian and international scientific community.

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Data Valorization Axis
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